Vacant Property

South West Philadelphia Board Up

Philadelphia Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by an absentee homeowner for emergency Board Up services in the South West section of Philadelphia. The home was accessed by scavengers who stole the copper plumbing, which is usually sold to local scrap yards for far less that the victim will need to pay for replacement.
In order to avoid further damages and mitigate any potential liabilities associated with unwanted intruders, we were contracted to board up three points that were illegally accessed. The property is a row home consisting of two apartments that are accessed by separate entrances located on opposite sides of the structures front wall, bisected by a large double-hung window that serves the living room in the first floor apartment. Both doors and the window mentioned above were used by trespassers as entry points.
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Don Pedro

Commercial Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by Atlas Glass Repair Co. in the early morning hours on 06/08/2014 for an emergency board up in the North East section of Philadelphia. Atlas Glass Repair Co. contacts us most often after hours for commercial board up jobs, but we have also done residential board up and industrial board up work for them. Read more

The Red Raven

The Red Raven

Why Emergency Board Up Was Required?

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by JD Glass and Door Company in the late afternoon on 06/06/2014 for an emergency board up in Bucks County Pennsylvania. JD Glass and Door Company contacts us for 24 hour board up, most often to secure commercial locations so they can remain unattended through the early morning hours while replacement glass and framing is being fabricated for rapid replacement. In this instance, the lug nuts on a car wheel sheared off and the wheel traveling at 60 mph made devastating impact with one of the commercial bay windows of the Red Raven Pub on 250 Lincoln Highway in Fairless Hills, PA. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. Property Recovery 911 arrived on location within one hour of being awarded the job and secured the window.

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Fire Damage

Cleaning Smoke Damage

Professional Fire Restoration

After sustaining fire damage, it is essential that professionals are enlisted for the fire restoration job. Although fire restoration techniques are relatively simple; the building will never be returned to pre-loss condition without the proper equipment, supplies, training and manpower. Read more

window boardup

Vacant Property

Vacant Property Board Up

There is a wealth of information online describing how to boardup property in preparation for an approaching hurricane, but very little exists providing details distinguishing vacant property board up. The purpose of hurricane boardup is to protect the subject property from the effects of high winds. The reason for vacant property board up is to secure the property and therefore, the methods used to board up windows of a vacant property is different in several respects. Read more

Flooded Basement

Flood Tips

Basement Flood Safety

If you have a flooded basement, do not enter the flooded area until you are informed by a qualified professional that the area is safe. Read more