Commercial Board Up Philadelphia

Emergency Board up Lululemon

Property Recovery 911 was contacted at approximate 3:30 in the morning on Thursday, January 29, 2015 for an emergency board up at Lululemon in center city Philadelphia. The popular athletic apparel shop was breached by an intruder, who smashed the frameless glass entry door to gain access then made off with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. When police arrived at 3 am, they found clothing from the store inventory strewn along the sidewalk.
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Sewage Spill

Sewage Spill Hazards

Pathogens commonly found in category 3 water damage are in a liquid state. The primary biohazard present in a sewage spill are viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Viruses: Primary Sewage Biohazard

Viruses do not reproduce, instead they multiply via a process called replication. After attaching to a host cell, the virus then injects the cell with a genetic material known as Ribonucleic acid (RNA). Within the cell walls the virus replicates, exhausting the cells resources and generating abundant copies of itself. The colony ultimately causes the cell to perish and rupture, releasing the viral progeny to attack healthy cells. The primary route of viral infection from a sewage spill is ingestion. Read more

Pizza Franchise Commercial Board Up

Commercial Board Up Northeast Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a real estate management company for a commercial board up in the North East section of Philadelphia. Located on a major route, this building once housed a Pizza Hut franchise. The franchise moved to a nearby location, leaving this location empty and vulnerable to intrusion, theft and vandalism.
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Mold Contamination

Understanding Mold Contamination

Living organisms are classified into groups called kingdoms. There are five kingdom classifications; Monera, Protista, Plants, Animals and Fungi. Mushrooms, mold, mildew, slimes and rusts are included within the kingdom of Fungi. Throughout history, mankind has developed useful applications for some fungi. We have incorporated fungi into our diet in the form of red wine, beer, mushrooms and blue cheese. We have extracted fungi byproducts to develop and manufacture medications such as antibiotics (Penicillin) and organ transplant anti-rejection drugs (Cyclosporine). Fungi also facilitates the decomposition of organic waste in our landfills and compost bins. Other fungi, in particular molds, have been identified as pathogenic and mold exposure poses a serious threat to our health.

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Flood Clean Up Montgomery County

Flooded Basement

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a homeowner early one Saturday morning to clean up and dry out a flooded basement resulting from a failed refrigerator water supply line. In this instance, the refrigerator was being supplied by ¼” OD polyethylene tubing, a product that has been the source of countless flood restoration jobs.
To avoid dealing with flood clean up services, refrigerators that are supplied water through ¼” polyethylene or copper tubing fed by a saddle tap valve should be proactively replaced with a braided stainless steel ‘no leak’ line and a high quality shutoff valve. Saddle tap valves offer restricted water flow that have been known to burn out water pumps serving a refrigerators water dispenser and ¼” polyethylene as well as copper tubing are notorious for a propensity to leak resulting in a flooded basement requiring a flood restoration.
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