Mold Remediation PhiladelphiaMold growth occurs due excessive humidity or moisture over an extended period of time, most often in areas with little ventilation. Environmental conditions in enclosed areas are ideal to support mold colonies, if damp conditions within prevail for a prolonged period of time mold growth is likely. The existence of mold on the surface of walls often indicates considerable mold damage within the wall cavity

Mold damage can compromise upper respiratory health manifesting itself in a litany of symptoms including wheezing, sneezing, coughing, sinus congestion and itchy, watery eyes. Studies also suggest that exposure to toxic black mold can cause lung disorders, cancer and brain damage.

Proper mold remediation techniques require containing the work space, removing moldy materials and cleaning mold spores from salvageable framing. Our mold remediation professionals start by identifying the cause and extent of the problem. Once the source is diagnosed and the mold damage eliminated we restore the area to normal conditions.

Mold Inspection, Testing and Analysis

Mold spores are ubiquitous; they exist virtually everywhere and can access interior environments via portholes, HVAC systems, on clothing or pets. Healthy indoor environments host a balanced fungal ecology, interior mold spore counts should reflect species present outside in lower concentrations. Weather conditions, time of year and geographical location are variables that can alter this norm.

Dormant mold spores can result in active mold colonies given the opportunity. Mold growth is dependent upon elevated moisture levels that can result from a sudden water release that is not properly mitigated, or a lingering moisture problem that has been left unchecked. Ambient mold spores can germinate and establish mold colonies within 48 hours when exposed to a damp environment.

Property Recovery 911 offers mold inspection, testing and laboratory analysis that can determine spore counts, what mold species are present, the possible impact to interior environments and the health of those within. Contact us at (267) 808-7200 for prompt and professional mold inspection and testing services performed by certified technicians.

  • Identify Sources
  • Evaluate Growth
  • Contain Damage
  • Remove Contamination
  • Dry Materials