Restoration Professionals & Advocacy

Flood Restoration Professionals

Disbelief, anxiety, and confusion are several in a litany of emotions that surface following a damaging water event. Rational thinking coupled with a logical approach will promote a positive outcome. Seeking out the services of flood restoration professionals is paramount to achieving a effective solution.

Acknowledging personal limitations and delegating responsibilities to an appropriate service provider is vital to success.  Identifying a suitable water mitigation company requires rapidly assessing available options.  Experience and integrity are essential characteristics of viable flood restoration professionals.

Recognize Insurance Company Deceptions

Notifying an insurance company of a loss is often the initial action taken following a water event, which may exacerbate the situation. Victims of disaster face a variety of deceptions perpetrated by the organization they paid for indemnification.   Insurance company representatives’ primary function is to limit or deny claims without consideration of claim legitimacy or customer well-being.

Insurance companies record every communication from claim inception and the reporting process is designed to limit liability.  False denials are commonplace and may be triggered merely as a matter of semantics.  Barring outright denial of a legitimate claim, insurance company agents may attempt to severely limit coverage by substituting a policy addendum to a circumstance that warrants full coverage.

Avoid Preferred Vendor Networks

Claim handlers routinely advise the insured to use flood restoration companies from their list of preferred vendors during the claim reporting process. Policyholders are misled into believing that they will only receive fair treatment if they select an insurance company affiliated contractor. Said practice is a manipulation to control claim settlements aimed at limiting insurance company liability and constitutes a conflict of interest.

Restoration contractors who participate in “preferred vendor” programs are predisposed to failure. Network vendor programs require adherence to limitations that include diminished compensation and rejecting established protocols in exchange for consistent employment. Financially surviving participation as a network contractor invariably produces inferior outcomes resulting from unfavorable trade practices.

Ultimately, insurance companies take no responsibility for their network service providers subpar work results. Dissatisfied claimants are informed that the contract was written between the insured and the ‘preferred contractor’ that they suggested. Contrarily, a quality independent contractors’ allegiance coincides with the customers’ best interests.  Cost containment priorities required by insurance companies of their network vendors do not apply to independent service providers. Customer satisfaction drives free market contractors to provide accurate job scopes commensurate with the governing protocols rather than minimum efforts to financially benefit a corporate master.

Advocating For Claimants

Enlisting the services of water mitigation specialists willing to shield their customers from insurance company misrepresentations is crucial to equitable indemnification.  Independent flood restoration professionals face a myriad of challenges beyond providing successful emergency restoration services. Claimant advocacy involves guidance and support during the claims process that requires a thorough understanding of property insurance policy mechanisms.

Cost savings is an insurers modus operandi; therefore, the adjusters’ scope of work and subsequent offering is usually inappropriately less than what is required. Achieving an equitable settlement involves informed and sometimes spirited negotiation. Client advocacy dictates that knowledge acquired by virtue of profound experience be willingly offered to the client to this end. Customer satisfaction is bound to not only the restoration professionals’ physical duties, but to the entire process from inception to conclusion.

Full-Service Water Mitigation Professionals

Property Recovery 911 provides comprehensive emergency services. Contact us at (267) 808-7200 to prevent or alleviate the devastating effects of water damage. We can safely dry, deodorize and disinfect the affected areas. Our rapid response flood restoration professionals offer service in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. We are prepared and on call 24/7 and can be on site within 1 hour protecting your interests.