Global vs. Local Water Damage Restoration

local water damage restoration company

Anxiety, confusion, and skepticism are just a few of the emotions that the victim of a water event may experience. Immediate decisions are essential to arresting ongoing deterioration, resulting from an entirely unexpected consequence.  Enlisting the services of a local water damage restoration company versus a global franchise should be considered.

Market Share vs. Quality

Massive advertising campaigns and market share are not synonymous with a quality product. Emergency restoration franchises are often purchased by investors with no experience in the trades. Global organizations do provide an operational blueprint to franchise holders, however, those tasked with execution may deviate from the tenets prescribed in favor of profit margins. Local water damage restoration companies are generally founded by experienced tradesmen, who pour finite resources into establishing and expanding their business. This creates an intimate bond between the creator and entity that invariably benefits the customer.

Customer Care & Quality Service

Local water damage restoration company owners undoubtedly invest more time and effort building their brand, which promotes customer care and quality service. Conversely, investors in a global franchise organization purchase a brand that they did not establish and institute a hierarchy of command comprised of fiscally and emotionally disinterested employees. Ultimately, this arrangement causes a customer service and job quality disconnect in franchise organizations and the customer suffers.  Local water damage restoration company owners are more likely to be intimately acquainted with daily operations and their customer base compared to their franchise investor competitors.

Viewpoints & Profit Margins

Emergency restoration franchise owners’ dominating primary concern is high profit margins. They invest in a brand that was conceptualized, instituted, and expanded prior to their involvement. Conversely, local water damage restoration companies are founded and built from the ground up by business owners intimately involved in every detail of business growth. Although profitability is essential to continued operations, a deep, personal connection between the entity and creator is established that supersedes profitability as the overriding concern.

Protocols & Opposing Outlooks

Profit margins being the sole motivation of franchise investment invariably diminishes job quality. Protocols established by governing bodies are often stifled in favor of less costly methodologies, such behavior leverages the customers inexperience.  Local water damage restoration company owners thrive on a reputation not bolstered by the strength of a global organization or massive advertising budget.  Consequently, local water damage restoration companies must garner and provide customer satisfaction and maintain strong customer support to remain viable. Exceptional customer support and successful job outcomes are key to achieving local water damage restoration company success.

Local Water Damage Restoration Company

Property Recovery 911 is a local water damage restoration company serving southeastern Pennsylvania and south Jersey.  Our certified, licensed, and insured emergency water damage restoration specialists are available and on call 24/7 to quickly remove the source of water damage and start the recovery process. Contact us at (267) 808-7200 any time of day or night for prompt, professional service.