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Sewage Backup vs. Clog & Overflow

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Clog and overflow water events are often mischaracterized as sewage backup by unwitting property insurance consumers. Although a clog within a plumbing system resulting in an overflow is almost universally covered by homeowners’ policies, sewage backup is not. Sewage backup is considered ground water and excluded unless a severely limited addendum has been purchased with the policy. Incorrectly using the term sewage backup while reporting a water damage insurance claim, routinely triggers a bogus denial during the initial claims call. Platitudes expressed via insurance company advertising campaigns, promising fair, and equitable treatment, are rubbish. You will be denied based on semantics and financially abandoned regardless of claim legitimacy.

Semantics Based Denials

Denial of coverage is the goal of insurance companies industrywide. Insurance company claim specialist’s primary objective is to deny claims on the initial call to limit payouts. Additionally, insurance adjusters are trained to ferret out any possible avenue that would refuse coverage, leaving the property owner to finance costly emergency restoration services without the benefit of their policy.