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Board Up Service Philadelphia

Building damage, automotive fluids and blood.

Emergency Board Up

The damage to this building was the result of drunk driving and required emergency board up. Although we have no knowledge as to the medical condition of vehicles occupants, we were informed that the passenger was ejected through the windshield and the driver was found in the vehicle unconscious.

Commercial Board Up Wilmington Delaware

Property Recovery 911 was contacted after midnight for an emergency board up in Wilmington Delaware.  Smashing the window of Trolley Bikes in the trendy Trolley Square, a lone thief made off with a bicycle only to be captured by police a short time later.  Ironically, the intruder chose a steal a bicycle that retailed for approximately $200 that was surrounded by several high end race bikes valued and clearly marked at upwards of $10,000.

Emergency Board Up Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was called to assist a homeowner with emergency board up service in the North East section of Philadelphia on Saturday March 14, 2015. The heavy stone facade adorning the front of the home collapsed that morning, exposing the first level of the home to the elements and providing easy access for would be intruders.

Commercial Board Up Philadelphia

Emergency Board up Lululemon

Property Recovery 911 was contacted at approximate 3:30 in the morning on Thursday, January 29, 2015 for an emergency board up at Lululemon in center city Philadelphia. The popular athletic apparel shop was breached by an intruder, who smashed the frameless glass entry door to gain access then made off with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. When police arrived at 3 am, they found clothing from the store inventory strewn along the sidewalk.

Pizza Franchise Commercial Board Up

Commercial Board Up Northeast Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a real estate management company for a commercial board up in the North East section of Philadelphia. Located on a major route, this building once housed a Pizza Hut franchise. The franchise moved to a nearby location, leaving this location empty and vulnerable to intrusion, theft and vandalism.

Emergency Board Up Required

Property Recovery 911 was contacted for an emergency board up job on a Friday night to secure a broken plate glass window at an Ace Cash Express storefront located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Exposed to the elements and offering easy access to intruders, rapid execution of commercial board up jobs is crucial in mitigating the possibility of profound financial and legal liability. We arrived on the commercial board up job location within one hour and cordoned off the area to keep local foot traffic well away from the shards of broken glass strewn about the sidewalk. In this instance, securing the area around the storefront board up job was particularly important as the adjacent building houses a busy tavern with considerable patronage.

Storefront Board Up Philadelphia

Emergency Glass Repair Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was contacted to perform a commercial board up job at the Dunkin’ Donuts located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Emergency glass repair requires that measurements be taken on location fallowed by processing at an offsite glass shop, which can take hours or even days depending on the type of glass required and the condition of the frame.

In this instance, emergency glass repair in a timely manner was impossible as a 12' wide section of the plate-glass and aluminum frame wall was struck by an automobile and utterly destroyed. Thankfully, no one within the establishment or on the busy street was injured in the accident.

Philadelphia Board Up

Vacant property security is essential to protecting an owners interests. The most cost effective method to secure vacant property and limit ones exposure to the elements as well as intrusions is board up. Inadequate security often results in vandalism, theft and hostile occupation rendering the building owner vulnerable to material loss as well as legal liabilities that can have extremely deleterious effects to one’s financial well-being. Window and door board up is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective method.

Philadelphia House Board Up – Kensington

House Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was contacted for a house board up in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Vandals had broken several windows, not only exposing the building’s interior to the elements but also providing easy access to intruders. Why choose us as your board up company? Property Recovery 911 offers 24/7 emergency board up service and we can be on site within one hour offering courteous and professional board up services.