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New Van

New Property Recovery 911 vehicle lettered and ready for emergency service.  Our emergency response team is ready at a moments notice 24/7/365 and we can be on location in as little as one hour.  Contact us to prevent or alleviate the devastating effects of flood damage, fire damage, mold growth or to board up doors and or windows to secure your interests.

Atkore Intl.

Property Recovery 911 was contacted a second time by Atkore International's Allied Tool & Conduit for a North East Philadelphia board up.  The initial board up was a result of fire emergency crews venting the building by breaking windows. Our contact at Allied Tool & Conduit requested that only 7 first level windows boarded up for security purposes.  They had planned to have glass quickly installed in the remaining 24 second level windows.

Montgomery County Mold Remediation

Property Recovery 911 was given the opportunity to look at this mold remediation job.  Currently the situation is embroiled in legal preceding involving the owner, neighbor and insurance company in an effort to determine liability; which I believe belongs to a long gone builder.  This mold clean up job will be on hiatus until the warring factions can come to an agreement.  Until then, Property Recovery 911 is ready, willing and able to create a healthy mold free environment.

Board Up in Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was called to a door board up in Center City Philadelphia resulting from a break in.  The door was breached most likely with a large screwdriver, which destroyed the door and the door jamb creating an unsafe situation for the inhabitants. We screwed the damaged door shut and boarded up the entry way, creating a safe environment until the compromised door and frame are replaced. We are available 24/7/365 for emergency commercial and residential board up services.

Industrial Building Board Up

Atkore International mother company of Allied Tool & Conduit experienced fire damage on Saturday 05/17/2014. Property Recovery 911 ( was contacted to secure the location in the the late afternoon. We used no damage tension board up techniques, which does not damage commercial aluminum window frames with screw holes and will give Atkore the choice to simply replace the glass and not the entire frame.

Sewage Spill Norristown

Sewage Spill - Cause

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by the homeowner for sewage clean up caused by new a waste line that was improperly installed.

Waste Water Clean Up - Demolition

After the necessary repairs to the waste line was completed, the sewage clean up started with the removal and proper disposal of all of the building materials that came into contact with the raw sewage spill. This included cutting away carpet, carpet pad, and drywall.