Sewage Spill Norristown

Sewage Spill – Cause

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by the homeowner for sewage clean up caused by new a waste line that was improperly installed.

Waste Water Clean Up – Demolition

After the necessary repairs to the waste line was completed, the sewage clean up started with the removal and proper disposal of all of the building materials that came into contact with the raw sewage spill. This included cutting away carpet, carpet pad, and drywall.

Sewage Clean Up – Sanitize

The sewage clean up continued with the application of Benefect botanical disinfectant to thoroughly sanitize the entire area. Once the sewage spill was properly disinfected, the entire area was thoroughly cleaned, fallowed by a second application of Benefect botanical disinfectant.

Structural Drying

Once the contaminated building materials were removed and the entire area was cleaned as well as disinfected, the affected areas required structural drying. Structural drying reduces the moisture content in remaining building materials, that would otherwise present an ideal environment for mold growth.

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