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Our Emergency Restoration Services

Property Recovery 911 provides emergency restoration services services in and around Philadelphia. We are available 24/7 and offer water mitigation, fire restoration, mold remediation and board up service. We are committed to assisting victims of disaster protect their interests by quickly removing the source of damage and starting the restoration.

Who are we?

Property Recovery 911 is a subsidiary of Urban Development Corporation, a full service construction company. Founded in 1996, Urban Development Corporation specializes in all phases of residential and commercial building renovations as well as emergency restoration services under the registered ‘DBA’ Property Recovery 911.
Owner/operator Paul Messa is on site and intimately involved with every job awarded to Urban Development Corporation and Property Recovery 911, ensuring the highest degree of quality control resulting in the best possible solution. We provide a comprehensive solution to our customers resulting in a seamless work cadence and superior outcome.
Our small workforce consists of long term associates with whom we have established and maintained a close working relationship. Developing and nurturing this rapport within our ranks through loyalty, fair compensation, and mutual respect has helped us to acquire and sustain an outstanding crew of dedicated craftsmen.

Why is this important?

Our emergency restoration services competition consists of multiple large corporations that sell stakes in the emergency restoration services industry by way of franchise. Although there is no formula by which one can judge the quality of services offered by an emergency restoration services franchise, there are several important points that should be considered when choosing who you can trust with this important responsibility.

Emergency Restoration Services Competition

Offering individuals the right to sell a company’s goods or services in a particular area is the basic premise of a franchise opportunity. The word ‘opportunity’ is the pivotal term in describing why an individual chooses to buy into a particular franchise. This ‘opportunity’ is seized as a prospect by the franchisee to acquire wealth and sold by the franchiser for the very same purpose. Money, being the motivating factor in any franchise relationship, draws the attention and participation of investors with the intention of a sizable return on investment. In and of itself, the financial incentive does not constitute corruption, however a purely monetary motivation results in multiple conflicts of interest that deserve contemplation.
Investors allocate capital with the expectation of a financial return and often ‘buy in’ to a business that they have virtually no experience in or qualifications to operate. If selling frozen yogurt this might be acceptable, offering emergency restoration services such as water mitigation, fire restoration and mold remediation without the proper experience and credentials is not.
Franchisers offer crash courses in an attempt to educate the franchisee, they sell the investor equipment and supplies at a price tag approaching $100,000 then release this new business owner upon the market who will pay royalties on every job, and be required to make ongoing equipment and supply purchases from their corporate entity. In return, they will receive business leads in their assigned territory generated by the power of a highly polished national advertising campaign.
Emergency restoration services franchise owners, in an effort to bolster their return on investment, generally hire young and unskilled employees whom they can retain for low wages. New emergency restoration services franchise hires are cycled into the work force with no experience or certifications and are only permitted the opportunity for IICRC certification at the owner’s expense after a probationary period generally lasting 6 months or more. In the rare instance that a franchise employee remains with the emergency restoration services company for the aforementioned extended period of time, the owner may consider their hire a worthwhile risk and invest in having the newbie certified as a water mitigation technician, with certifications in fire restoration and mold remediation only being offered after extended employment service.
Trusting the safety of your living environment and health of your family to an underpaid, unskilled, uneducated and transient workforce could be exactly what you are buying into when lured by the gloss of an expensive national advertising campaign. Offering emergency restoration services across several nations supported by thousands of unrelated franchise owners constitutes a quality control nightmare.
Although we are unable to deliver our high quality emergency restoration services in every conceivable location across several nations, Property Recovery 911 can deliver expert water mitigation, fire restoration, mold remediation and board up services in and around Philadelphia under the watchful eye of owner/operator Paul Messa with the support of a longstanding and highly skilled workforce.

For prompt professional emergency restoration services including water mitigation, fire restoration, mold remediation and board up services, contact Property Recovery 911.