Cleaning Smoke Damage

Fire Damage

Professional Fire Restoration

After sustaining fire damage, it is essential that professionals are enlisted for the fire restoration job. Although fire restoration techniques are relatively simple; the building will never be returned to pre-loss condition without the proper equipment, supplies, training and manpower.

Fire Damage Smoke Damage Smoke Damage

Fire Damage Continues

Once a fire is extinguished and emergency crews depart, the damage continues. Strong lingering odors are not the only byproduct of fire damage, ash and smoke residues will cause corrosion, etching and discoloration that will worsen over time. Fire Restoration specialists, if contacted in a timely manner, can arrest this ongoing damage by removing the damaging residues.
Plastic items covered in ash, or items close to the fire will start to discolor immediately. Within a few hours, items made of fiberglass and the finish on appliances will begin to yellow while metals begin to tarnish. In several days’ time, exposed building materials and textiles will become permanently discolored and metals will start to corrode. Failure to hire a reputable fire restoration professional to clean smoke damage and ash residues in a timely manner will exacerbate the loss resulting in considerably higher restoration costs. In addition to the irreversible damages described above, the strong odors associated with fire and smoke damage will cling to every exposed surface that came in contact with smoke and ash.

Cleaning Smoke Damage

Upon arrival, trained and certified fire restoration companies will start by identifying all affected areas and materials. Thorough cleaning is essential to reversing the effects of fire and smoke damage. Settled ash is easily disturbed and can be inadvertently distributed to unaffected areas, expanding the scope of damage. Fire Restoration experts will identify salvageable items and remove built up ash and smoke residues. The Fire Restoration professionals will then identify the source(s) of odor and the areas with treat chemicals that were developed to eliminate the pungent smell associated with smoke damage. After treatment, building materials are sealed to prevent any locked in odors escaping.

Hire Fire Restoration Experts

If you experience a building fire in Philadelphia or the surrounding suburbs, Contact Property Recovery 911 for professional fire restoration.