Fire Damage Restoration & Dry Ice Blasting

Fire Restoration

In very basic terms, dry ice blasting involves “blast cleaning” a surface with compressed air, and dry ice particles, usually in the form of dry ice pellets. Fine CO2 (dry ice) particles are “blasted” on to a surface, the unwanted contaminants freeze and fracture, then an explosion of energy takes place, resulting in the thorough removal of the unwanted coatings. This non-destructive method of safely cleaning surfaces and/or removing unwanted coatings has become the preferred method to remove smoke soot, vaporized synthetic resins, and char associated with fire damage restoration. Furthermore, dry ice blasting can eliminate the musty burnt smell that results from fire, smoke, and water damage.

The Prefered Method of Fire and Smoke Restoration

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, which moves from a gaseous to a solid state at temperatures of −78.5 °C or −109.3 °F. Dry ice blasting is a non-destructive cleaning media method Before & After Restorationto safely and effectively provide smoke and fire damage restoration services. The process involves blast cleaning a surface with compressed air and dry ice particles. The combination of pressurized air and the presence of dry ice (CO2 pellets) in the blast stream creates an explosive sublimation that allows for cleaning an intended surface in a non-destructive way, making dry ice blasting a preferred cleaning process when compared with other media blasting methods, such as glass bead, plastic bead, or sand blasting.

Dry ice blasting takes advantage of kinetics and thermodynamics by combining compressed air and dry ice particles to produce a superior result. When a substrate is blasted with CO2 (dry ice) particles, the unwanted contaminants are removed in a three-stage process. Stage One, known as Thermal Shock, results in the rapid freezing of the surface contaminants, causing them to become brittle and fractured. The second stage is Impact Shock, which consists of breaking up the brittle and fractured coating or contaminant as dry ice pellets bombard the cleaning surface. The final stage is Expansion Shock, is characterized by the instant expansion of gas due to the rapid heat transfer and sublimation (vaporization) of dry ice. This process safely and effectively removes the unwanted surface contaminants, coatings, and stains often associated with fire and smoke damage.

Dry ice blasting is one of the best ways to restore properties that have smoke or fire damage. Dry ice blasting removes charred wood, soot and gets rid of that burnt musty smell while it cleans. Other processes can clean fire and smoke damage, but dry ice blasting removes the odors associated with fire damage.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting for Fire and Smoke Restoration?Fire and Smoke Restoration

 Faster than traditional fire restoration methods
 Cleans without damaging delicate surfaces.
 The media does not produce a residue.
 Safe for electrical components
 Does not cause water damage
 Safe chemical free cleaning.
 Cleans and deodorizes multiple building substrates.

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