Tree Roots, Drain Blockage & Sewage Backup

Sewage Overflow

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their sewer laterals, which is the line that connects the sewer pipes in the building to the main sewage system, generally located in a street. Because sewer lines are buried and out of sight, potential problems are commonly not identified and corrected eventually leading to costly repairs. Routine video inspections is a comparatively inexpensive method that can be used to identify sewer system issues.

Tree Root Drain Blockage

The flow of warm water within sewer pipes produces vapor that escapes into the cooler soil surrounding the pipe. Tree roots grow toward the vapor to the point of its source, which is usually a crack in the line or a loose joint. Once the tree roots reach the aforementioned fissure, they will penetrate the opening to access the readily available water, nutrients and oxygen continually flowing through the system.

Possible Sewage Backup

Once inside the sewage line, roots will continue to grow, eventually filling the line with a tangled mass. These root masses will ultimately catch debris discharged into the buildings sewage lines causing a drain blockage that can result in damaging a sewage backup. Roots can exert considerable pressure at the point of entry, which may break the pipe and even cause total collapse requiring costly emergency excavation and replacement.

Preemptive Cleaning

Sluggish drainage is often an indication that the system has been infiltrated by roots. Gurgling noises from toilet bowls is an audible clue that there could be a root problem. Common methods of removing roots from sanitary sewer lines include the use of power drain snakes and hydro-jets. Regular drain cleaning and scheduled chemical treatments are effective, low cost preventative measures.

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