Flood Restoration Philadelphia PA

Flooded Basement

Property Recovery 911 was contacted for a flood restoration by a prestigious non-profit organization located in Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse square.

‘One of five original squares planned by city founder William Penn in the late 17th century, Rittenhouse Square sits in the middle of some of the most desirable addresses in Philadelphia.
High-rise residences, luxury apartments, an office tower, popular restaurants and retail stores surround the tree-filled park, which offers an oasis of respite and relaxation amidst the bustling city. Read more

Emergency Board Up Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was called to assist a homeowner with emergency board up service in the North East section of Philadelphia on Saturday March 14, 2015. The heavy stone facade adorning the front of the home collapsed that morning, exposing the first level of the home to the elements and providing easy access for would be intruders.
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Water Damage Restoration in Bucks County, PA

Emergency Water Removal

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a homeowner requiring emergency water removal and water damage restoration in the Bucks county borough of Newtown. Resulting from a frozen and ruptured water supply line in the mud room. Water spilled through the floor, causing the vinyl tile to loose adequate adhesion and flooding the basement below.

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Basement Flood in Delaware County, PA

Timely Water Damage Restoration

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a homeowner for a basement flood cleanup Lansdowne borough of Delaware County, PA. Initially the job was awarded to a competitor who failed to arrive at the agreed upon time and date, which is an inexcusable discourtesy that our customers will not suffer when putting their trust and wellbeing in our hands. Water damage restoration is a time sensitive endeavor, prompt service is essential to reducing the progressive effects of water exposure, which can wick up walls, travel under base boards, penetrate floor coverings, infiltrate sub-floors and damage adjacent rooms. If left unchecked over 48 hours, microbial growth can ensue threatening the interior environment and the health of those within.
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Water Mitigation in Chester County, PA

Extended record breaking cold temperatures during February, 2015 resulted in an epidemic of water supply lines freezing and bursting in homes and commercial buildings across the region. For much of February and into March, Property Recovery 911 crews worked long hours on emergency water mitigation jobs in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. We acquired additional equipment and added staff in order to keep pace with the onslaught of flood restoration projects that we were awarded during this period.
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Commercial Board Up Philadelphia

Emergency Board up Lululemon

Property Recovery 911 was contacted at approximate 3:30 in the morning on Thursday, January 29, 2015 for an emergency board up at Lululemon in center city Philadelphia. The popular athletic apparel shop was breached by an intruder, who smashed the frameless glass entry door to gain access then made off with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. When police arrived at 3 am, they found clothing from the store inventory strewn along the sidewalk.
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Pizza Franchise Commercial Board Up

Commercial Board Up Northeast Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a real estate management company for a commercial board up in the North East section of Philadelphia. Located on a major route, this building once housed a Pizza Hut franchise. The franchise moved to a nearby location, leaving this location empty and vulnerable to intrusion, theft and vandalism.
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Flood Clean Up Montgomery County

Flooded Basement

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a homeowner early one Saturday morning to clean up and dry out a flooded basement resulting from a failed refrigerator water supply line. In this instance, the refrigerator was being supplied by ¼” OD polyethylene tubing, a product that has been the source of countless flood restoration jobs.
To avoid dealing with flood clean up services, refrigerators that are supplied water through ¼” polyethylene or copper tubing fed by a saddle tap valve should be proactively replaced with a braided stainless steel ‘no leak’ line and a high quality shutoff valve. Saddle tap valves offer restricted water flow that have been known to burn out water pumps serving a refrigerators water dispenser and ¼” polyethylene as well as copper tubing are notorious for a propensity to leak resulting in a flooded basement requiring a flood restoration.
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Emergency Board Up Required

Property Recovery 911 was contacted for an emergency board up job on a Friday night to secure a broken plate glass window at an Ace Cash Express storefront located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Exposed to the elements and offering easy access to intruders, rapid execution of commercial board up jobs is crucial in mitigating the possibility of profound financial and legal liability.
We arrived on the commercial board up job location within one hour and cordoned off the area to keep local foot traffic well away from the shards of broken glass strewn about the sidewalk. In this instance, securing the area around the storefront board up job was particularly important as the adjacent building houses a busy tavern with considerable patronage.
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Biohazard Removal Downingtown PA

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by management personnel of a leading pest control company to perform an emergency biohazard job. The need for biohazard removal is often associated with the possibility of viral or bacterial transmission via the discharge of bodily fluids as the result of some traumatic event.

The term ‘biohazard’ can be broadly defined as something that may cause harm to people or the environment, such as an infectious disease or a poisonous chemical. In this instance, emergency biohazard cleanup was necessary as a result of the latter. Read more