Board Up Service Philadelphia

Building damage, automotive fluids and blood.

Emergency Board Up

The damage to this building was the result of drunk driving and required emergency board up. Although we have no knowledge as to the medical condition of vehicles occupants, we were informed that the passenger was ejected through the windshield and the driver was found in the vehicle unconscious.

Copious amounts of automotive fluids as well as blood covered the sidewalk and raised concrete platform near the point of impact. We prepared the commercial job site for board up service as a wet snow fell throughout the day, complicating the job.

Commercial Board Up

Philadelphia Licensing and Inspection shut the business down due to public safety concerns, interrupting a viable business and the essential services afforded to the surrounding community. Property Recovery 911 was enlisted to clean up the scene of the accident and provide structural shoring as well emergency board up to create a safe and secure environment that would satisfy municipal officials to permit resumption of business operations.

Board Up Service

Our assessment uncovered significant structural issues resulting from the impact, including three broken stair stringers to the stairwell just inside and the electrical service providing power to the building was dislodged from its mooring. Prior to deconstruction of the damaged masonry wall and building the above mentioned support system in preparation for board up service, a licensed electrician was hired to create a safe environment by testing and securing the dangling high voltage electrical service.

Once a relatively safe working environment was established, our initial task was to remove the fallen and unstable brick from the work site. Two courses of compromised brick as well as an entry door were removed, creating a void in the building of approximately 8′ high and 10′ wide. The debris were staged nearby and before the end of the day hauled away by subcontract company Mr. Cleanouts, LLC.

Two levels of reinforced 2”X8” temporary framing was installed to act as a lintel system, supporting two courses of brick. Following the framing process, we completed this commercial board up job by sheathing the support framing with plywood to secure the building until more permanent repairs could be made.

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