Commercial Board Up Wilmington Delaware

Property Recovery 911 was contacted after midnight for an emergency board up in Wilmington Delaware.  Smashing the window of Trolley Bikes in the trendy Trolley Square, a lone thief made off with a bicycle only to be captured by police a short time later.  Ironically, the intruder chose a steal a bicycle that retailed for approximately $200 that was surrounded by several high end race bikes valued and clearly marked at upwards of $10,000.

24 Hour Board Up

Enlisted for our 24 hour board up services, we were on site in under one hour from the time of the call to perform the emergency board up.  Upon arrival, we were informed by the police officer stationed at the breached location that our board up services would need to be put on hold until crime scene investigators were able to comb through the location in search of evidence that would further incriminate the apprehended criminal.

After several hours waiting, crime scene investigators arrived on location and went about the business of sifting through the debris in search of evidence to further incriminate the juvenile culprit, who apparently was released from detention just days prior to this latest debacle. Once the investigation was complete, we went about the business of commercial board up.

Commercial Board Up

It should be noted, that 3 other windows were boarded prior to this late night incident requiring our 24 hour board up services.  Apparently, someone attempted to gain access to the location just days prior only managing to compromise safety by cracking the large panes of glass.

The commercial board up service of another vendor was enlisted to secure the location during regular business hours, when 24 hour board up services were required, Property Recovery 911 got the call.  We found the solution of our competitors to be overthought and inferior to our commercial board up techniques.

Emergency Board Up

This board up job required join 2 sheets of plywood in order to thoroughly secure the oversized porthole.  We employed the ‘tension method’ commercial board up technique, which enlists the use of 2” x 4” lumber and an array of hardware to compress the plywood covering the window over the window frame.  This method of commercial board up provides maximum security, yet does no damage whatsoever to the surrounding frame saving time and money in glass installation and window frame repairs.

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