Commercial Board Up Philadelphia

Emergency Board up Lululemon

Property Recovery 911 was contacted at approximate 3:30 in the morning on Thursday, January 29, 2015 for an emergency board up at Lululemon in center city Philadelphia. The popular athletic apparel shop was breached by an intruder, who smashed the frameless glass entry door to gain access then made off with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. When police arrived at 3 am, they found clothing from the store inventory strewn along the sidewalk.

The store’s alarm system was not working because power to the building had been shut off since Tuesday January 29, 2015 when bricks fell from the towering building at 1529 Walnut Street and crashed through the roof injuring three women. Ironically, the thief used a brick to break the glass door and gain access to the valuable inventory within.


Proactive Commercial Board up

The expense of afterhours emergency board up and the need for emergency glass repair could have been avoided if preventative measures were taken after the roof collapse that precipitated removal of electrical service to the building resulting in no alarm service. When presented with an extensive inventory of valuable goods that are utterly unprotected, person’s intent on acquiring ill-gotten gains will notice and take action.

Proactive commercial board up services provided by Property Recovery 911 during regular business hours would have saved Lululemon considerable expense when tallying the loss that encompassed theft, emergency board up and emergency glass repair. Store management should have in place contingency planning protocol that is immediately mobilized in the event of disaster. In this instance, emergency board up should have been ordered within minutes of the understanding that electrical service and consequently the alarm system, would be lost for an extended period of time.