Pizza Franchise Commercial Board Up

Commercial Board Up Northeast Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a real estate management company for a commercial board up in the North East section of Philadelphia. Located on a major route, this building once housed a Pizza Hut franchise. The franchise moved to a nearby location, leaving this location empty and vulnerable to intrusion, theft and vandalism.

Avoiding Emergency Glass Repair

Prudently, the management company opted to act proactively and have us perform a complete board up. For a relatively small expenditure, ordering the board up job prior to any loss will often save the property owner from a costly emergency glass repair. In most instances, emergency glass repair is preceded by emergency board up to secure the building prior to the glass being installed.

Proactive Board Up vs. Emergency Board Up

Such a scenario would rival the cost of the complete board up job that was ordered, provided the loss was simple vandalism and only one window or door was broken. In the event of multiple portholes being breached over the period of the vacancy, the cost of board up and glass repair would far outweigh the price of this job. Emergency board up and emergency glass repair occur almost exclusively after regular business hours and after hour rates are considerably more expensive than during business hours.

Although simple vandalism does occur, in many instances it does not end with a single window being destroyed. Any intrusion within the confines of the building, resulting in vandalism and/or copper theft would result a loss of far greater circumstance that what the principles paid for this board up job.

Property Recovery 911 offers emergency board up, clean-out, weatherization and lock change services. contact us whether your property has sustained damage as a result of fire, storm, break-in or you simply require property preservation. We offer professional board up in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week