South Philadelphia Flood Restoration

Philadelphia Water Mitigation

Property Recovery 911 was summoned to a significant water loss event in a South Philadelphia row home, caused by a failed water line serving the second-floor bathroom. Substantial volumes of water poured throughout the interior of the home and came to rest as a 1-1/2′ deep pool in the basement. Much of the structure and contents from the second floor through to the basement were saturated, including personal belongings, kitchen cabinetry and household appliances.

Portable Heat Deployed

The forced hot air heating system was not only partially submerged in the severely flooded basement, it was also drenched from overhead. The duct work acted as an avenue, funneling water directly to the interior electronic componentry and destroying the unit. Exterior temperatures necessitated that we deploy portable heating systems to provide a temperature range suitable for refrigerant dehumidification. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are most effective at typical room temperatures and their performance declines dramatically in cooler conditions.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers work by drawing warm moist air through the machine and over refrigerated evaporator coils causing moisture in the air to condense on the coils and drip into a collection pan. The dehumidifier then releases warm dry air into the atmosphere and the water collected is removed either physically or mechanically. This process requires the temperature differential between the refrigerated coil and the environment cross dewpoint. If atmospheric conditions are such that this can not be achieved, dehumidification ceases to be effective.

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Extensive De-Construction

Dehumidification was immediately set throughout the affected areas to get the high relative humidity under control during the de-construction process. Although a relatively small home, the level of water damage necessitated significant building material removal requiring the efforts of six men for 3 days to complete.

This South Philadelphia flood restoration effort was exacerbated by years of flooring being stacked in the bathroom and throughout the first level; requiring our crews to lift multiple different floor coverings in each of these areas and thousands of fasteners. De-construction began on Monday 12/09/2019 and continued through to 12/11/2019, with multiple visits during and after the drying process to continue the removal of flooring fasteners. 

South Philadelphia Mold Restoration

Microbial activity resulting from this water event was discovered and analyzed using ATP testing techniques for verification. The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a molecule found in and around living cells, and as such it gives a direct measure of biological concentration and structural health.

Once documented, the area of mold contamination was contained and put under negative pressure to safeguard against spore migration to other parts of the property. Mold contamination was eradicated using oxidation cleaning methods in conjunction with detailed HEPA vacuuming. Once mold removal was complete and the area of contamination dry, it is our practice to encapsulate using a product laced with antimicrobials as an added measure of precaution against future mold contamination.

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South Philadelphia Water Mitigation

Due to the utter saturation and documented elevated moisture content, extensive structural drying services were required. Portable heat and dehumidification already in process were taxing the available electrical supply, requiring that we enlist the services of an electrician to install temporary power lines prior to deploying additional drying equipment. Structural drying commenced in earnest on 12/11/2019, our machinery remained until a dry standard was achieved on and documented 12/15/2019.

Philadelphia Flood Restoration Services

Property Recovery 911 offers residential, commercial, municipal and industrial flood restoration services in and around Philadelphia. In the event of a structural flooding, contact us at (267) 808-7200, we have the experience to safely and professionally restore the site to pre-loss condition. Our specialists are on call 24/7/365 and can be on location any time of day to quickly and professionally resolve the issue. Furthermore, we deal with insurance company adjusters on your behalf to help secure coverage for flood restoration services.