Bucks County Flood Restoration

Property recovery 911 was summoned to a water mitigation job in Quakertown, PA as a result of a ruptured water supply line serving a second story bathroom. Being built on a slab, the house had no basement for the water to drain into resulting in several inches of standing water throughout the first level.

Flood Clean Up

The owner was on vacation when the incident occurred allowing the spill to flow unchecked until neighbors noticed water spilling out from beneath the entrance door and contacted a relative of the owner, who enlisted our flood clean up services. We were called to the location late in the day and worked well into the night to extract the standing water from the home.

The flood restoration resumed the following day with the deconstruction of water damaged building materials that included removing the carpet as well as padding, cutting out the ceiling beneath the source of the flood and performing a drywall flood cut throughout.

Flood Restoration

Following deconstruction, flood restoration requires structural drying to assure that the salvageable contents and building materials reach the ‘dry standard’, which is determined by taking moisture readings of contents and materials within the home that were not affected by the flooding. In order to achieve ‘dry standard’ commercial dehumidifiers were deployed in every affected room along with air multiple air movers set 10 to 16 feet apart at 45 degree angles to the wall.

In order to save cabinetry in the family room and the kitchen cabinets, we employed injection drying techniques whereby hot dry air is circulated within the enclosed cavity behind the kick plate beneath every cabinet. Air scrubbers were strategically placed to protect the unaffected second story from particulate matter made airborne by the aforementioned machinery, which standard protocol on our flood restoration projects.

Water Mitigation

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