Biohazard Removal Downingtown PA

Biohazard Cleanup

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by management personnel of a leading pest control company to perform an emergency biohazard job. The need for biohazard removal is often associated with the possibility of viral or bacterial transmission via the discharge of bodily fluids as the result of some traumatic event.

The term ‘biohazard’ can be broadly defined as something that may cause harm to people or the environment, such as an infectious disease or a poisonous chemical. In this instance, emergency biohazard cleanup was necessary as a result of the latter.

Emergency Biohazard Job

Any situation requiring biohazard cleanup should be considered extremely hazardous and the area should be immediately evacuated. It is essential to have professionals on site quickly to cordon off the area then properly clean and disinfect the contamination.
Loose insulation laced with pesticides was being ‘blown in’ to the attic of a Downingtown Pennsylvania home by a national pest control company. During installation, the pneumatic insulation delivery hose failed spewing loose insulation fibers and pesticides throughout every room of the 4 bedroom split level home. As per our instruction, the family was immediately evacuated and we dispatched an emergency response team versed in biohazard cleanup to rectify the situation.

Biohazard Removal

Containment is a crucial first step in any emergency biohazard job. We compartmentalized the home by sealing off each section with 6 millimeter plastic sheeting and deploying air scrubbers to remove any particles from the atmosphere that were airborne or would become airborne during the biohazard removal process. Our technicians then cleaned every square inch of the home including all of the homes contents section by section.

The biohazard cleanup began with the use of specialized vacuum’s equipped with ‘High Efficiency Particulate Air’ (HEPA) filtration systems, which were used to extract the dangerous particles from every hard and soft surface in the home. All hard surfaces were then wiped down with disinfectant solution applied to fresh cleaning cloths from a pump up sprayer. Each pass was made with a fresh area of cloth and a new application of disinfectant.

Emergency Biohazard Cleanup Services

Property Recovery 911 offers residential as well as commercial biohazard removal services. In the event of such a crisis, immediately evacuate the area and contact us to safely and professionally restore the site to pre-loss condition. Our specialists are on call 24/7 and can be on location within 1 hour to quickly and professionally resolve the issue.