Storefront Board Up Philadelphia

Emergency Glass Repair Philadelphia

Property Recovery 911 was contacted to perform a commercial board up job at the Dunkin’ Donuts located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Emergency glass repair requires that measurements be taken on location fallowed by processing at an offsite glass shop, which can take hours or even days depending on the type of glass required and the condition of the frame.

In this instance, emergency glass repair in a timely manner was impossible as a 12′ wide section of the plate-glass and aluminum frame wall was struck by an automobile and utterly destroyed. Thankfully, no one within the establishment or on the busy street was injured in the accident.

Commercial Board Up Philadelphia

This incident occurred on a rainy Friday evening and although this is one of the most lucrative hours for business, in order to keep the customers and employees safe the establishment had to be closed. Prior to emergency glass repair Property Recover 911 was enlisted to stabilize the window framing and perform a storefront board up. Rapid completion of commercial board up jobs is essential to mitigating revenue loss, but storefront board up must be accomplished in a safe and conscientious manner.

The aluminum window frame was struck with such force that it was torn from its moorings and encroached upon the building interior by 3’. After cleaning up the debris from 2 enormous plate glass windows, our technicians painstakingly reset the frame as closely as possible to the correct degree. Resetting the commercial window frame required that we devise large levers and employ sledge hammers. Once debris from the shattered plate glass windows was removed and the aluminum framing reset, the storefront board up commenced.

Storefront Board Up Philadelphia

The structural integrity of the aluminum commercial window framing was severely compromised as a result of the automobile impact. Enclosing the massive 12’ x 12’ area that was exposed to the elements required that we build a 2”x4”x12’ lumber stud wall spanning the length of the damaged sections and anchored to the opposing intact framing. Once our 2”x4”x12’ stud wall was established and securely attached, the storefront board up was completed using 5/8” plywood panels set in a staggered arrangement in order to augment strength of our temporary but vital solution.

Property Recovery 911 technicians arrived on location in under 1 hour and worked through a cold driving rainstorm to provide a safe and secure commercial board up job. Our commercial board up efforts allowed the establishment to reopen quickly, alleviating the effects of a disaster that could have resulted in extensive revenue loss. Our storefront board up remained in place for more than a week while materials were being fabricated for the emergency glass repair.