Extensive Mold Removal Philadelphia

This massive Philadelphia mold removal job was the result of extensive flooding due an overhead plumbing leak. Copper scavengers accessed this unoccupied property and pulled out active lines, which released torrents of water that cascaded down several levels and through multiple rooms.

Professional water mitigation services should have been, but were not sought out immediately. Many property owners choose to wait for their insurance company to investigate and tender payment prior to enlisting emergency service professionals following a catastrophic loss, which in most instances serves only to exacerbate the situation. In order to avoid mold contamination, prompt water extraction and structural drying is essential. If left unchecked for more than 48 hours, the progressive effects of water exposure often leads to mold contamination.

Philadelphia mold removal

Microbial growth was so prolific, that this Philadelphia mold removal job required the wall, ceiling and floor surfaces be treated then removed to the studs for treatment within the wall and ceiling cavities. Once every trace of mold was removed, structural drying was required to remove the high moisture content trapped within the now exposed joists and studs. The dry standard of approximately 7% moisture content within the aforementioned building materials was required and achieved to avoid recurring mold contamination.

This relatively simple and inexpensive water mitigation job morphed into an extremely dangerous and massively expensive

mold contamination

. What could have been a quick and easy structural drying job requiring minimal material removal, was unwittingly allowed to progress into a far more complicated and costly event.

Mold Removal Philadelphia

Mold growth occurs due excessive humidity or moisture over an extended period of time most often in areas with little ventilation. Environmental conditions in enclosed areas are ideal to support mold colonies, if damp conditions within prevail for a prolonged period of time mold growth is likely. The existence of mold on the surface of walls often indicates considerable mold damage within the wall cavity. Contact Property Recovery 911 for prompt professional Philadelphia mold removal service and removal of mold contamination in all counties surrounding Philadelphia as well as South Jersey.