Bucks County Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was called in to do this Bucks County board up job on Saturday October 18 at 3:45am. The elderly residents were asleep when their living room window was smashed, and a large piece of slate was thrown through the 9 lite back door window. The assailant(s) reached through the breached rear door window to unlock the door and gain access to the ‘mud room’. Once inside, the intruders encountered a second locked door that led into the living room and attempted to kick it in. Waking to the commotion, the residents made enough noise to scare off the burglar(s) before accessing the epicenter of their home.

Bucks County Board Up

Upon receiving the call, Property Recovery 911 technicians were immediately dispatched and arrived on this residential board up job in the Longhorn region of Bucks County within one hour. Cold air quickly infiltrated and dispersed throughout the home as a result of the destroyed portholes, making emergency board up services essential to not only the elderly residents’ peace of mind, but also their well-being. Recognizing the critical nature of the situation, our technicians proceeded to work in earnest to quickly and consciously complete this residential board up.

Residential Board Up

Every board up job requires the talent of skilled technicians who are versed in multiple residential board up techniques and can apply that knowledge quickly and professionally. With regard to this Bucks County board up job, although the ‘mud room’ door was entirely destroyed the living room window only lost the bottom glass panes of the double hung window and could be repaired relatively inexpensively. We employed the ‘tension’ emergency board up method to secure the living room window, a technique that compresses plywood to the outside window frame with absolutely no damage to the window unit.

As described above, the ‘mud room’ door lite was entirely destroyed as the masonry projectile broke through the mullions making repair more costly than replacement. Although direct attachment would have been an acceptable emergency board up solution, as with many modern exterior doors this unit was built with a foam core compressed between metal ‘skins’. This style of fabrication precludes direct attachment as screws will not bite or hold in the foam core, requiring that we again use a tension board up technique to secure the door.

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Board Up

Property Recovery 911 is available for emergency board up 24/7/365, we can deploy skilled professionals at a moment’s notice to secure your property and protect your interests. Whether you require commercial, industrial or residential board up services; Contact Us for fast and reliable service.