Bucks County Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was called in to do this Bucks County board up job on Saturday October 18 at 3:45am. The elderly residents were asleep when their living room window was smashed, and a large piece of slate was thrown through the 9 lite back door window. The assailant(s) reached through the breached rear door window to unlock the door and gain access to the ‘mud room’. Once inside, the intruders encountered a second locked door that led into the living room and attempted to kick it in. Waking to the commotion, the residents made enough noise to scare off the burglar(s) before accessing the epicenter of their home.

Philadelphia Mold Damage

Philadelphia Mold Removal

We were contacted to bid on a Philadelphia mold damage job that was the result of a waste line leak. Prior to contacting us, the homeowner removed a small section of wet drywall in his dining room and discovered extensive mold growth on the inside surface. The leak went undetected for an indeterminate period of time as the flow of waste water was too slight to be readily apparent and quickly identified. This ongoing release of moisture into the ceiling cavity with little air movement presented ideal conditions for mold contamination and the need for mold clean up.

Philadelphia Flood Damage Restoration

This flood restoration job was classified as Class 3, Category 3 water damage. Class 3 denoting flooding from above, which saturated the ceiling, walls and flooring below. Category 3, signifies that the water was grossly contaminated and possibly highly toxic. Category 3 Water, may contain raw sewage, pesticides, heavy metals or toxic organic substances. Immediate water damage restoration in this instance is essential to the health and well being of the occupants.

Jim’s Automotive

Emergency Board Up Service

Independence Day Board Up Service

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by Jim, owner of Jim's Automotive Supercenter in North East Philadelphia on Independence Day 2014. The storefront lost a plate glass window to high winds and required emergency board up service.
We arrived on site within one hour of being awarded the contract to clean up the broken glass, survey the damage and provide an emergency board up solution that would provide security yet allow continued business operations while waiting for glass repair.

Vacant Property

South West Philadelphia Board Up

Philadelphia Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by an absentee homeowner for emergency Board Up services in the South West section of Philadelphia. The home was accessed by scavengers who stole the copper plumbing, which is usually sold to local scrap yards for far less that the victim will need to pay for replacement. In order to avoid further damages and mitigate any potential liabilities associated with unwanted intruders, we were contracted to board up three points that were illegally accessed. The property is a row home consisting of two apartments that are accessed by separate entrances located on opposite sides of the structures front wall, bisected by a large double-hung window that serves the living room in the first floor apartment. Both doors and the window mentioned above were used by trespassers as entry points.