Philadelphia Mold Removal

Property Recovery 911 was contacted to bid on a Philadelphia mold remediation job that was the result of a plumbing supply line leak.  The slow but consistent drip was active for an unspecified period of time as the problem was isolated within the wall cavity of a seldom used finished basement.  The presence of moisture in an enclosed area with little ventilation is an ideal environment for mold contamination, which was the exact circumstances with this Philadelphia mold removal job.

Mold Contamination

Although the majority of mold contamination was hidden within the wall cavity, the problem was immediately evident upon entering the basement as mold was visible along the base of two paneled walls in the corner below the aforementioned plumbing supply line leak. In addition to the visual evidence of mold contamination, the unmistakable odor of mold contamination present.

Philadelphia Mold Remediation

Although moisture and mold contamination from the plumbing supply line leak was heavily concentrated within the wall cavity, evidence of mold contamination was visible along the baseboard and wicking up the paneling.  Additionally, moisture escaped the wall cavity and traversed along the vinyl floor covering of the bar area soaking into the carpeting.  The basement floor is pitched to the center of the carpeted area where a drain that is now filled with concrete once existed.  Here the moisture pooled and created and ideal environment for further mold contamination and the dire necessity for this Philadelphia mold removal job.

Philadelphia Mold Removal

After donning the appropriate PPE equipment, containment is an essential first step to protecting unaffected areas from mold contamination in any such undertaking and was of the utmost importance to protect the living environment on this Philadelphia mold removal job.  Once the affected area of the home was masked of using 6 mil air tight plastic sheeting affixed with two sided tape and air scrubbers were deployed to capture any airborne mold spores, this Philadelphia mold remediation project was ready to commence.

Whimsically named the ‘HEPA Sandwich’, the process used on this Philadelphia mold removal job required passing over any mold contamination with a HEPA vacuum the treating the area with all natural plant based antimicrobial solutions fallowed by another pass with a HEPA vacuum.  This process effectively removes and traps any mold spores within a specialized vacuum fitted with HEPA filters, kills the mold colony with the antimicrobial application and assures no airborne pollutants with a second pass of the HEPA vacuum after a brief drying period.

After neutralizing the threat of mold contamination on the surface of all affected areas, as with most such undertakings this Philadelphia mold remediation job required the removal of corrupt building materials and a second ‘HEPA Sandwich’ treatment.  Specifically, this entailed taking away the mold damaged carpeting as well as removing afflicted paneling, sheetrock and insulation.  The second ‘HEPA Sandwich’ countermeasure completed in the newly exposed areas once the building materials affected by mold contamination were detached, bagged and removed from the premises.

Structural Drying

Fallowing the eradication of mold contamination, structural drying was of the utmost importance on this Philadelphia mold remediation job.  Without the rapid removal of high levels of moisture trapped within the now exposed building materials left behind, mold contamination could return.

With containment and air scrubbers left in place, air movers and dehumidifiers were strategically situated around the basement and activated in an effort to achieve a ‘dry standard’.  Moisture readings are taken from unaffected building materials within the same general area to identify what the ‘dry standard’ is for that area of the building and the moisture laden building materials are dried within 3 percentage points of the unaffected building materials to achieve ‘dry standard’.  This Philadelphia mold remediation job required 3 days of structural drying to achieve ‘dry standard’.

24/7 Emergency Service

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