Philadelphia House Board Up – Kensington

House Board Up

Property Recovery 911 was contacted for a house board up in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Vandals had broken several windows, not only exposing the building’s interior to the elements but also providing easy access to intruders.
Why choose us as your board up company?
Property Recovery 911 offers 24/7 emergency board up service and we can be on site within one hour offering courteous and professional board up services.

Many board up services use inferior materials such as 1/2” Oriented Strand Board (OSB), while Property Recovery 911 uses only 5/8” or 3/4” CDX plywood depending on the application. The significant difference between plywood and OSB is how they react when exposed to moisture over extended time periods. When plywood gets wet, it tends to swell consistently across the sheet, and then returns to normal dimensions as it dries out. OSB saturates more slowly than plywood but also takes considerably longer to dry, this tendency to hold moisture causes OSB to degrade faster than plywood when exposed to moisture.

Board up Company Principles & Practices

‘If it is an inferior product, why would any competing company use OSB?
The use of OSB in new home construction and by our competitors for shares a common goal, higher profits for the contractor. The cost of a single sheet of 4’x8’ OSB is 3 to 4 times less expensive than a single sheet of 4’x8’ plywood. If a board up company uses OSB for a board up job consisting of 20 windows and doors, they can profit by an additional $400 or more than if they used plywood.
‘If considerably higher profits can be taken by using OSB, why does Property Recovery 911 use plywood for house board up?
Unlike competing board up company principles and practices, Property Recovery 911 considers the interests of our customers first and foremost. We take seriously the faith in our service that patrons have shown by hiring Property Recovery 911 and we will never compromise the quality of our service for the sake of a higher profit margin.

Emergency Board Up Service

Property Recovery 911 is available for emergency board up service 24/7/365, we can deploy skilled professionals at a moment’s notice to secure your property and protect your interests. Whether you require commercial, industrial or residential board up in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties; Contact Us at (267) 808-7200 for fast and reliable service.