Montgomery County Raw Sewage Spill

Sewage Spill Cleanup

Property Recovery 911 was contacted by a homeowner who was referred to us by a Chubb Insurance agency for a sewage spill cleanup. Located in the Penn Valley section of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, the homes soil line was clogged for an indeterminate period of time as the elderly occupants rarely accessed the basement. Ongoing use of the drainage system resulted in an extensive raw sewage spill erupting from the air conditioning condensate drain every time the plumbing was used. Once discovered, drain cleaners were enlisted to remove the blockage and Property Recovery 911 technicians were immediately dispatched to perform professional sewage removal, including sewage spill cleanup as well as disinfecting and cleaning the entire area.

Raw Sewage Spill

Any raw sewage spill should be considered an emergency situation as raw sewage can contain bacteria, fecal material, viruses and other organisms that may cause serious illness and even death. Illnesses that can occur from a raw sewage spill are called fecal-oral diseases, which are contracted when feces are inadvertently ingested.

Fecal-oral diseases are spread by direct contact with raw sewage or passed from a person sick with a fecal-oral disease. Indirect contact with raw sewage can occur by using objects or eating food that has come into contact with a raw sewage spill.

Fecal-oral diseases are infections of the intestinal tract; symptoms can include fever, nausea, cramps, headache, vomiting and diarrhea. Anyone exhibiting such symptoms for a period of time lasting more than two days should seek medical care. If a child under one year of age gets these symptoms, call your doctor right away. The incubation period for a fecal-oral disease is approximately one to three days after contact with a raw sewage spill.

Professional sewage spill cleanup is essential to properly clean and disinfect areas and contents contaminated by a raw sewage spill

Sewage Removal

Strewn throughout the sewage contaminated basement was a lifetime of belongings that were no longer of daily use to the homes residents, who decided to have us remove and discard the vast majority of the now contaminated possessions. Once cleared, the entire area was treated with Benefect botanical disinfectant. Once treated; the entire basement was toughly scrubbed down with household detergent and rinsed with hot water that was recaptured using a portable extractor.

Once the sewage spill cleanup was complete, structural drying commenced. Moisture readings were taken, a dry standard determined and drying equipment was strategically deployed. This relatively large basement required 2 Drieaz Revolution dehumidifiers, 6 standard air movers and 3 axial air movers to quickly achieve the aforementioned dry standard. Over a period of three days the job site was closely monitored on a daily basis, equipment was repositioned as required and we successfully reached our goal.