Philadelphia Board Up

Vacant property security is essential to protecting an owners interests. The most cost effective method to secure vacant property and limit ones exposure to the elements as well as intrusions is board up. Inadequate security often results in vandalism, theft and hostile occupation rendering the building owner vulnerable to material loss as well as legal liabilities that can have extremely deleterious effects to one’s financial well-being. Window and door board up is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective method.

Property Board Up

Located in a struggling Philadelphia neighborhood, this recently unoccupied property was in dire need of vacant property security. Accessed by intruder’s intent of scavenging copper plumbing, the basement window was destroyed and there were remnants of the subterranean flood resulting from copper thieves who were either ignorant of or unconcerned about shutting off the properties main water supply valve. In addition, both the front and back doors were forcibly opened and left ajar providing easy admittance to future intrusion.

Blog Excerpt: There is a wealth of information online describing how to board up property in preparation for an approaching hurricane, but very little exists providing details distinguishing vacant property board up. The purpose of hurricane board up is to protect the subject property from the effects of high winds. The reason for vacant property board up is to secure the property and therefore, the methods used to board up windows of a vacant property is different in several respects.

Secure Vacant Property

The homeowner contacted Property Recovery 911 requesting than we immediately secure the entire premises. Consisting of front and rear entry doors as well as twenty two windows, this four bedroom row house was quite expansive. Vacant property security often requires multiple strategies and techniques to achieve the best possible solution. The condition of the structure and grounds surrounding this particular job was no exception.

Board Up Strategies & Techniques

Although the building front board up was relatively standard, inspection of the grounds surrounding the rear and open side of the property revealed heavy brush growth that tightly embraced the structure. Erecting ladders through this tangle of juvenile trees and overgrown shrubbery would be difficult as well as dangerous. It was decided that he best solution for this area would be to board up from the interior.
Properly securing vacant property is essential to mitigate damages as a result vandalism, liability, theft or squatters. Property Recovery 911 offers emergency board up, clean-out, weatherization and lock change services. residential and commercial board up services ensure the best possible security against intrusion and protection from the elements. Our service is available 24/7 Contact Us any time day or night at (267) 808-7200 and we can be on site protecting your interests within 1 hour. We are committed to assisting victims of disaster protect their interests by quickly removing the source of damage and starting the restoration.